Environmental impact

To sotten the environmental impact of their activities, and to leave to future generations a good quality environment, the Lale Murix Family has dedided to invest in the buildings energetic improvement to reduce the heat dispersion and to increase the renewable energy.


The Family Farm has installed, in 2011, a photovoltaic system in to produce clean energy. The sytem avoids tha annual emission of 4940 kg of co2 and the annual combustion of 4940 L of Diesel fuel necessary for the production of other kind energy. The caloric energy used to produce hot water and to heat up the rooms in fournished by the farm through a woody biomas system since 2012.


The system satisfies the 30-192 Kwh/annual necessity, avoiding the emission of 8271 kg of co2 and the annual combustion of 3145 L of Dieel fuel. In the apartments guests can use the recycling bins for paper, glass, plastic and wet waste, the last one is used as compost in the family vegetable gardens.